Ocotillo Wells ride Oct 24, 25, 26

Got a thread going in the xr400 room and southwest room. We got a trip planned to Ocotillo wells 24-26th. So far it looks like about 6-8 groups going. Should be cooled off by then! Looking for more groups if anybody is interested! :)


Went to Ocotillo about two weeks ago, weather was great! Cool in the morning and just warm enough to break a good sweat late in the morning. After that, I don't know! My riding buddy 'tatered about two hours into our ride and I had to truck him out with a busted clavicle :D and concussion :) (good ol' Devil's Slide :D). Of course our cell phones wouldn't get out for a helicopter ride and the ranger's station was empty. :D

Anyhoo, should be a prime weekend of tearing $*#@ up at Oco Wells!

I'll be out there on November 1 with a new riding buddy to break (in).

Yeah, It's starting to cool off a bit and last weekend the best so far. Been going out all through the summer getting in and out early. They have had more rain this summer than they have had in the last 5 years! :D Take it easy when you first head out, a lot of the trials are different now! I'll be out there with der kiddies. ThumpDaddy650 will be there too! 'Course I wish I could be at a certain beach house in San Filipe for the week of the 25th-30th :D Look forward to seeing you at Ocotillo. :)

See there Rokatt! You bringing your 5hundy? Just might have that white tank for you when you get there! :)

Oh yeah, I'm bringing it! You know what they say...variety is the shiznit! :)

Fo Shizzle! :)

I hope I can catch up with you folks. It's always nice to meet new riding buddies.

I was out last weekend riding from Pole Line Road south past the bombing range (all legal) into the city of Ocotillo where we had lunch and refuelled. On to border and then across to Plaster City and then back via the Old Immigrant's trail to the narrow guage tracks and then to Pole Line. Total was 102 miles. Great ride and we saw no one.

The point made about the rain and some of the trails and washed being different is true. Take heed. Also, be careful of the flakey dirt from the rains. The stuff is slick.

If you can handle the heat (take your Camelback) you'll find yourself alone in some spots and on some virgin trails since last season. Great stuff.

T-Diddy checking in and bringing it all. See you there. :)

See ya there T-Diddy! :)

:) Count me in! Can hardly wait to ride the pig with the GPR 2.0 pro set up installed yeeeehaaaaaa :D


I'm in Chula Juana. How long does it take to get to Ocotillo? I have until 230pm to ride on Sat as I've got a Pitcrew meeting (YES, BAJA!) and I've got to let the kids try out the new toys. Otay is getting old. Ideas?


Takes me approx. 1 1/2 to 2 hours from Vista depending on how any Blue Hairs are Casino Hopping on HWY 76! I would imagine that it would be similar for you as well. Less the Blue Hairs of course! Come on out! :)

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