valves wr 426

can any one tell me can i use the steel valves,,,, in,,,, ex ,,, all 5 in a 2000 wr or does it have to be the titanium ones theres a huge diff in price

regards peter

If you use steel valves you need to use different springs.Not sure on all the details of what to do,but I am sure others on here could help.

You can use the stainless valves, and yes they are a ton cheaper. But you have to use the springs for the same year. The SS valves weigh more (and have more inertia once moving), so it takes higher spring rates to keep them from floating. When I swapped mine out, I also ordered keepers and collets as well. though they are the same part numbrt for all 400/426, I was concerned that the springs for the Ti valves might have worn in a pattern that would affect seating of the SS springs...and it's just always a good idea to replace the collets.

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