Shift Lever

I need to replace my shift lever on my 00-426. Is there a good after-market lever out there? I have looked at MSR, BBR, IMS & GYT. So far Moose seems to have the only one. Any ideas?

I'm looking for a replacement as well. My boot slips off the stock lever as I upshift when things get a lttle wet or muddy. I even tried a strip of skateboard tape wrapped around the tip. It worked great for a short while. It rubbed off too quickly. The next best fix I found was to spray 3-M adhesive on the tip. Dirt sticks to it and acts like non-skid. Even though it rubs off kinda quickly as well, all you have to do is shoot another quick spray on it and go. You don't even need to clean it. That's the whole point, just spray and let the dirt stick to it.

I just spoke to IMS, and they just produced a steel shift lever for the 426. It has a rubber sleeve over a steel shaft with a spring return. It is less than half the price of a stock lever.

I will let you know how it goes.

Greg, I bought an IMS shift lever to replace the damaged stock lever. The IMS was a POS man. I don't know if they make more than one lever for the 426.. Mine rubbed on the flywheel cover(?) and even after bending it out so it wouldn't rub, it would work it's way back in and start rubbing again. I went back to stock man. End of story.


Thanks for the info! I will go with the stocker.

It was just my opinion Greg. Someone else may tell you that the IMS lever is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I bought my replacement stocker from Motoworld of El Cajoun (last year) for $29. Shop around bro.

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