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Yz144 jetting

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2000 yz125, with an eric gorr 144 kit, mid top porting and running on race gas.

conditions: temp ranges from 95 in the summer to 45 in the winter its now about 55. Not much humidity, this bike will be ridden trails, and moto.

modifications (pipe,air box,motor) Yz144 kit, race gas, porting, v force reeds, fmf fatty with an shorty.

current jetting: No idea, a couple years ago I had a shop jet and they did a crap job, I'm not experienced in jetting.

]Issue: When it was a 125 it had serious spooge problems and also sometime had a hesitation on the very top end.

does the running issue change?affected by motor temp?better or worse when hot?better or worse when cold? : No it did not.

My 125 motor was sent out yesterday for the big bore kit and now I am getting into jetting so it running the right and not lean or too rich. When it was a 125 a shop did the jetting and it spooged alot even at running temp.

What is everyone who has a 144 yz jetting theirs at? Im know little about jetting other than rich and lean, how should I jet this 144?

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