06 yz450f sand

hey guys, I have a 2006 yz450f with your normal add-ons. full fmf 4.1 with powerbomb, uni airfilter (trying to decide if i wanna buy the LoudMouthMx intake system), and stage 1 dynojet jet kit.

I am looking at going up to silver lake dunes here in Michigan a couple times this year. I havent gotten a paddle tire yet and figured all of you guys would have some imput as to how big of paddle

i should get for it. I am not sure as to how many paddles i will/should get.

any input will be great

thanks guys

I've done alot of dune riding with both the 8 and 10 paddles. Absolutely loved the 10 paddle on my ktm 450sx. Seems like the 10 paddle gets up on top of the sand alot faster. I've just got an 8 paddle kings turbo on my 06 yz450f now and it works good too. A little heavier but the paddles are taller and the carcass is thicker so you don't have to worry as much when you accidently get into rock sections. When she wears out I'm looking to try out the duneatick 10 paddle. Just stay away from the skat trak intimidater and you should be ok

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