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New to forum and rmz 250 and 4t.

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Mods if this is wrong fix me, I couldn't find the intro threads sooo...

I just bought a 2012 rmz 250 after having been out of the sport for ~10 yrs. I am "new" again and new in TX now too. I have only ridden a yz 250 f for about 10 mins and spent about an hour on a KTM 350 sxc so I have almost no experience with anything not premixed. I did ride B class before I quit due to an injury but am nowhere near where I used to be and on a completely different platform now (aluminum frames were just coming out when I quit :bonk: ) I love anything you can modify the hell out of bikes, cars, guns, whatever. Well that is all I can think of that is pertinent, thanks for looking and any advice or tips please let me know.

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