Whats the best air filter, oil and cleaner ?

I need air filters oil, and cleaner. Im going to be using it on drz400, crf250, ttr125, and a crf50.


The best filter is a clean one. So just pick one. As for oil and cleaner........I like No Toil because its easy to clean. No harsh chemicals.

twin air is what i like to use but there pretty much all the same as long as you take care of them every ride, as for oil i use motul tends not to run out of the filter when you put to much in.

I used Twin air and Uni. All great product but the twinair is easier to clean.

I used Varsol for clean the filter, cheap and really efficient

I bought a 4 liters of Belray, great oil

I like the no toil air filters. With their cleaner and oil it makes it super easy.

I must be the only old school cleaner, i use dawn or whatever grease fighting dish soap we have at the time and a cap full of rotella dino

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