450 Shoot Out! Which is Your Favorite and Why?

I'm in the market for my first quad. I want a 450 or maybe a 400ex if i happen to come across a good deal. I grew up riding dirt bikes but don't know much about quads, although I have done my fair share of riding them. I'd be riding mostly trails, no track. Anything bigger than a 450 would most likely be a wast for me, anything less, I'd want more in a week. If you've got any to say, opinions, comments, or suggestions i would appreciate it...Thanx!

I mainly ride trails where reverse is a really nice feature so I prefer the Kawasaki KFX450R.I like how the engine makes such good low rpm power but I hate how low the bars are.My opinion is that I'm gonna mod anything I get;so it depends on how far you want to go to make something just right.I currently ride a DVX400 with a little more than the basic mods

Sounds like a 700R is in order. The 400 EX is the best ( Hands Down ) trail quad out ther but, it lacks power. The 450's are a little high-strung. Ive never riddin a 700XX so I can not coment on them.

you can never go wrong with a honda at all. if you get a 400 at all i would go with a suzuki. they have reverse and pretty good power for a 400. ive got a honda 450r and love it and i ride in the woods. also i am still in high school though so i dont mind getting off and throwing it around every now and then. good deals are always great lol. dont buy something thats had the motor opened up though is my MAIN suggestion!

Just my opinion but you asked us so here we go, for pure trail riding, the LTZ400 Suzuki is hard to beat, sort of does everything OK but weak suspension for my liking. I got the YFZ450 and trail ride it without a problem. I tried some of the other brands but love my YFZ. It has the best combo of weight/power, suspension, handling, brakes and reliablility. Mine has many hard miles on it and it still rides like new. I used to drag race it at the grass drags, running stock and modified...mine was stock. It was class champ in mulitple classes 2-3 years in a row!

Hey, thanks for all the advice. Something new... I can't keep my eyes off the Banshees!!

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