Re-routing front brake line

Does anyone know where I can get one of the kits to re-route the front brake line (honda style)?




'01 YZ426

'00 Harley Police Special(Got it for free, and I get paid to ride it!)

try They have really good prices. Also check out their tire deals, Any Dunlop pair (Front and Rear) for $105. That is a deal.

Why? I'm sure there is a good reason I just don't know what it is, I have not had any problem with mine, Please clue me in.

Thanks guys.


It's not that there is any major problem with the front brake, but there is an improvement. At least many consider it an improvement if you can get the same stopping power with less lever pressure and increased modulation. It's no secret that Honda has the best brakes. Routing the line in a more direct route to the caliper, plus, using a reinforced braided line is considered a worthwhile upgrade. I like the more sensitive feel with this setup. It's really not very expensive.

I'm also hoping it will help with forearm fatigue since it will mean the front brake can be applied with less effort.

I still haven't found a supplier for the kit.

you might try contacting Gary Gallagher of EBC direct , 425-485-7610. He sells oversize rotor kits, as well. I hope to do this mod soon too. My buddy with a 2000 426 just changed over to an oversize rotor and loves it. The more direct routing of the line gives better feel at the lever because less fluid is needed. It also weighs less. Yam would do this on the stock YZ, but Honda has a patent on it.

I just spoke with Hipersports and they have the fastline brake line reroute kit for $56.99 (braided stainless, Honda routing)

Also they have the oversize rotor kit from Braking for $181.99

Hipersports phone number is 1-888-55HIPER (44737)


1.888.52HIPER (4.4737)

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