Carb slide question

Hey guys, just a quick question about my carb, I got it off cleaning it and have the throttle valve cover off and got it all sprayed out with carb cleaner and the slide sticks when I get it all the way up until I push down on it a little bit. The manual says that it shouldn't stick or be jerky, but just wanted to make sure that this was not right before I tear it apart. Thanks guys, Chris

No. There should be no binding. If it sticks open you may have something worn out or a buildup of junk on the slide.

Alright yeah I think it's probly a buncha dirt in there, I could hear it when I slid it up and down before I sprayed it out, do i need to put any lube or locktite on any of the slide parts when I put it back together?

Don't lube anything in the carb. The rubber seal in the slide plate is very sensitive to chemical attack and can be ruined (even carb cleaner is bad for it). The only thing that needs any locktite is the small phillips screw that holds the belcrank to the throttle shaft. Use blue locktite on it.

Yep wish I woulda seen this before I got carb cleaner on that black rubber seal, it expanded and was way too big, caused me a lot of grief but it shrunk back down and fit better. Anyways I think that is why it was catching at the top because when I went back to it to tear it apart and see why it was locking up, it wasn't doing it anymore because it had shrunk back down from when I sprayed it before I brought this whole issue up! Thanks bud

You'll find that seal swollen just from gasoline quite often. Usually you can just let it dry for an hour and have it return to shape. Be sure you get the vacuum release plate back on the slide right side up. The "square" edge goes down.

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