trail side repairs

Do any of you guys cary tools when trail riding?

What tools do you bring?

Is there a tool set already made up for this?

I've been lucky so far and haven't needed any but I would hate to get stuck out in the middle of the desert.

10 in. Channelock pliers

6 in. Channelock pliers

6 in. needle nose pliers

5 in. flush cutting wire cutters

5 in. wire strippers

6 in. locking surgical forceps

4 in. 1/8 flat blade screwdriver

4 1/2 3/16 flat blade screwdriver

4 in. 00 Phillips screwdriver

6 in. #1 Phillips screwdriver

7 1/2 in. #2 Phillips screwdriver

7 1/2 in. 1/4 in. flat screwdriver

Xcelite four way driver

Magnet, general use, small

6 in. Crescent Wrench

Short 1/2 - 9/16 in. open end wrench

M 10 X M 11 open end wrench

M 12 X M 14 open end wrench

M 10 X M 11 box end wrench

M 12 X M 14 box end wrench

M 17 X M 19 box end wrench

MAC combination six point Flex Box End/Open End, M 10, M 12, M 14, M 17 wrenches

4 oz. ball pien hammer, with handle shortened to 7 in.

M 5 hex key - short arm

M 6 hex key - short arm

M 5 Ball end hex key - "T" handle - 8 in.

Machinist's scribe, self storing point

6 Straight edge razor blades

6 C.C. tube of Locktite

6 Oz. tube of RTV clear silicone sealer

Two Tube 5 Minute Epoxy

Zip-lock bag of Anti-Seize Compound

Zip-lock bag of rear spline lube, Honda 60% moly paste (for rear tire change)

The two above items stored in 35 MM film containers, clean, dry, protected!

Top quality padlock - with keys

2 spare electric vest wire connectors - wired

12 feet of two conductor electric wire

35-40 small zip ties - 3 1/2 in.

12 medium zip ties - 8 in.

8 in. Tire Iron

6 electricians tapes, roll ends only, very easy to carry/use

12 Pre-Packaged alcohol wipes, for general clean-up

6 Pre-packaged "Handy-Towels" for your hands, etc.

clean up towels, terrycloth

What I do is pack the tools I use on everyday on my bike. When I work on my bike I use those tools only. This way I know what I need. I have a 1/4" drive with a 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and extention. Open wrenches to remove the front and rear wheels. Tire irons, allen wrenches, screw drivers and a small pair of vice grips that can cut wire too. I also carry a small asortment of common hardware. Don't pack you tool box but take only what you use.

OK - I really don't carry all those tools. That is a list of Ironbutt pro Ron Major's tool kit that he carrys while circumnavigating the country. He does have some good ideas in there though.

One good thing to do is to just use your tool kit that you carry on your bike when you change a tire or other service that you may have to perform on the trail. That will show you in a hurry what you need.


I was gonna say....

There was no way I was gonna pack all those tools.

Basically all I need is stuff to change a tire and a few other things I would think. Just enough to let me limp home in case something happens.

I was just wondering if there were some cool kits already made up out there.

I carry a waist tool belt and put stuff in my big camelback.

Even when racing I carry the following:

5, 6, 7 allen heads

#8, 10, 12, 14, open end wrenchs

Fredette 17/24 and 19/27 axle wrenchs

2 Tire irons

Motion Pro screw togehter unit with screw drivers, #8, 10 sockets and 8" tire iron

Needle nose vice grips

Regular Vice grips

wire cutters. Sometimes other tools as well.

I also carry front and rear tubes, slime, liquid steel (for side case punctures), air cartridges (6), duct tape, assortment of washers, nuts, bolts and cotter pins, safety wire, fix-a-flat, matches, tow rope, flashlight, glow stick, siphon tube, power bars, two water bladders, 20 or so large zip tyes (for riding out a flat), 6 smaller zip tyes, electrical wire, masterlink, spare H3 bulb, baseball cap, cell phone or sat. phone, 5 watt radio, pen and paper.

That may seem excessive-but its really not bad on the back after the first few miles.

In the last year i have used ALL of the above at one time or another. Even the glow stick!

Check out Motion Pro for some cool tools. Acerbis make some large good tool belts. I love my camelback as well.



Good stuff Iron Dude! :)

Here is a list that was published in the Nov/Dec '01 issue of Red Rider that lists the contents on Johnny Campbell's tool pack. If anyone knows what to carry and what not to it is probably Mr Baja 1000.

1) Paper & Pencil

2) Motion-Pro heavy duty chain breaker w/spare pin

3) Moose off road T-Handle with 8,10,12mm sockets, 5,6mm hex key sockets, and an 8mm hex key

4) 8/10mm & 12/14mm box wrenches & 6mm combo wrench

5) Ti Tire Irons with 17 & 27 box wrenches welded to the ends for the axles.

6) Safety wire & Zip Ties

7) Front inner tube w/ 6 CO2 cartriges & adapter

8) Buddy Tow towing strap.

9) Money

10) Lighter

11) Energy bar or other snack

12) Rear Axle nut and spacer block (because you will not find them back)

13) Countershaft Seal

14) Hose Clamps

15) Spark Plug & Wrench

16) Flashlight

17) Diagonal Cutters

18) Kinpex Cobra pliers (thin cool chanel locks)

19) Snap ring pliers (for counter shaft seal)

20) Paper Towel or rag

21) Quick Dry 5min Epoxy (for patching holes in the case)

I used this list as a guide for putting my tool pack together which fits in a Moose Ralley fanny pack. Some things that I did was I bought a FLY brand T handle which is about $15 instead of the $30 Moose. I have a double ended wrench that is 17/27 for the axle nuts (also can be third tire iron) and two Motion pro trail tire irons. I also cary a clip style master link for my chain which will get me back to the truck with out having to figure out how to peen a link on the trail. Instead of buying a buddy tow strap I went down to the local camping store and bought 15' of 1" tubular nylon webbing that I tied a tape knot in each end to make loops for a $2 tow strap with a 2000lb test strength. I also added a mylar space blanket and a tiny first aid kit to my pack.

In the last two years I have replaced a blown tube in the rear 8 miles from the truck, helped save a little kid (from hypothermia with the space blanket) who's dad took him out on an ATV without proper clothes after they got caught in a cold hail storm (and were lost), and fixed a bunch of other people's bikes. Most of the time it is just a heavy pack but when you need it it is priceless.

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