426 will not start

I have had the bike one week and I have spent more time trying to start this thng that riding it. I followed the starting tips the dealer gave me to the letter. Still fouled plug. What can I do now that the bike seems flooded? i want to ride the bike, not stare at it. Please help

Make sure you have a new, fresh, properly gapped plug in your bike.

While cold: Pull the black choke button on the carb, bring the piston to TDC with the kickstarter, pull in the compression release and push the kickstarter just a smidge past TDC, let the kickstarter back up, hand off the compression release, HAND OFF the throttle. Now, give it a good kick. If it doesn't start, do this over again. Never, never give these beasts any throttle when trying to start them. Even while the bike is sitting in your garage all lonely, if you turn the throttle, you will be pumping fuel into your cylinder. These things will start without the use of the throttle, so best of luck. :)

I've always found it helpful to turn the idle adjuster knob about one full turn clockwise before starting. I rarely even need to use the choke by doing this. My engine almost always starts on the second kick....sometimes on the first. As the engine warms up, the idle will gradually increase and then I begin turning the idle knob back out. I run my idle pretty low to take full advantage of the engine braking characteristics.

I was just curious how many times the engine turns over per one kick (from top to bottom). Does any one know this? It seems like it turns over at least a few times.

If flooded, pull in compression release and kick the bike over 10-15 times with throttle wide open, then kick as normal. Works for me when bike is flooded.

my 426 always starts at the first or seconed kick, specialy when the engine is cold. my friend with a yz400 98 has the same prob. n i start the bike for him : close the feul knob, press the compression realese n hold it pressed and kick the bike several times. then open the feul knob and try the regular procedure


It has to go at least twice or it wouldn't start. It's a four stroke, remember? :)


Seriously though, find TDC (compression), go just past that, and it is obviously coming back around to that point at the bottom of the kick stroke or it would NEVER start. 4 strokes = 2 revolutions.

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