04 YZ 450 to a 07 WR 450

First I would like to say...Great pool of info.Thank you all.

To preface my questions I will tell you my situation. I have sold my YZ 2 years ago. I rode that beast in the woods for several years. After several mods I had it "almost" worthy of the area which we ride. (mostly single or no tract loamy woods, with lots of log hops, streams to cross, swamps, slime rock ledges and very little sand.) On my yz I had a custom 17oz fly wheel, 12 / 54 gears, bars were shortened to 28" along with a few other mods not worth mentioning.

Now my Questions for those who have gone from the yz to the wr or has both.

Is the gearing on the wr low enough and the flywheel heavy enough to stop the dreaded stall on the log hop or ledge span. I am also planning to use this bike to go back and forth to work 8mi all 50mph and under. so I don't want to gear it down like I did on the yz and have a peged top speed of 58mph.

Do they handle the same?

A fair tire for both on and off?

Is an auto clutch ok on the road?

Any other mods you can think of?

I am getting this bike in 1 month hopefully the Ice will be gone by then. I have yet to ride it or know what mods have been done to it already.


my friends have yzf450s and I have a wr450. you realy need the rekluse to stop the engine from dying when chugging up stuff, the wr is marginally better than the yzf. I run my rekluse on the road, I use the clutch override sometimes to ease the downshifts.

I ride nasty single track and ds too, read my thread "help me pick a wr450..."

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