i bought my yz426 almost a month ago now. iv'e got only a few questions. How long does it take to break in the bike? which gears/how hard can i ride it during break in. and also i checked my manuel and it shows the Maintenance Intervals. and it shows checking the valve clerance and all that after break in. when you all bought your bikes new from a dealership. did they check all that for you for free after break in? a few of my buddys got yz250f's from a diff dealership than me and they got all the maintenance done for them for free after break in IE: adjusting the valves/oil change and all of that.

It's not like a street bike with a 600 mile free service. Maybe you can talk to your dealership and they will do something like that, but most will charge you. Do a search on "Maintenance" or "break-in", etc... and you should find the info you are looking for. All of these questions have been asked so many times before, that's why TT is so cool, you just go the Archives and search for it. Post something if you can't find it and someone will help ya out. :)

Also the manual gives you some great tips on break in. Break in is very short for this bike, you can do it in one afternoon if you like.

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