Welding On Alum. Subframe

I was thinking of putting on some of the Baja Designs buddy pegs and they require you to weld a bracket on the subframe. I was talking with a guy at a local dealer and he said not to weld on the alum. because it will weaken the subframe. Last time I checked it looked like it was just standard square tube alloy. I don't see a problem but I don't want to mess up the subframe either. Can I tig weld it or not? :)

are the orig pegs welded on? if so, someone or some machine had to do it. If your a pro at alum/tig then go for it. I'd feel better having it welded than drilling a hole. You could also custom fabricate a clamp to go around the square tube. JMO

The key thing most forget when it comes to welding aluminum is the need for heat treating. If you weld it and don't heat treat it, it will fatigue, crack, and fail. Heat treat it properly, as the rest of the frame was done at the factory, and it will last for ever (at least longer than the engine anyway). Bolts make for easy and economical installation that also allow future removal if desired without weakening anything. Just a little advice from a 'train driver.'

Will most welding shops be able to heat treat it? I will probably have it professionally welded, my tig welding kind of sucks! Any other condiderations I should keep in mind?

Thanks for the input :)

No shop is going to try and "heat treat" an alum. subframe after welding. Some alum can't be heat treated, but can still be welded, others get their strength from "solution" heat treating, that is they use a chemical bath. I haven't seen the brkts you want to add, but I wouldn't worry about the heat treat aspect of you project. Does anybody know what alum is used for the subframe? 6061 ?

At the most I have to run a 3inch bead to put them on. I don't think there is going to be a problem. I don't even think that there will be much heat transfer to the main structure. I'm going to quit worrying about it and just do it. They wouldn't make weld on brackets for alum if they degraded the strength of the structure they were being attached to. My 2 cents anyway. I just thought I'd check first. We'll see how it comes out

I think four strokes only has some foot pegs that clamp onto the swingarm, avoiding the welding altogether. Just a thought. :)

I'll check it out! That would be great if I could find something that wasn't permanant. Thanks :)

They wouldn't make weld on brackets for alum if they degraded the strength of the structure they were being attached to.

They let Ford Explorers on to the freeway don't they?! :)

Good Point! :):D :D :D

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