Z-Start Q's


Anyone in here using either the rekluse z-start or the revlock auto clutch?. What is your take on it, and has anyone modified the rear brake to be lever operated?. I want to make the jump to auto..just need the push!

Thanks as always! :)

I bought the Revloc before some of the cheaper alternatives were on the market. I ride a lot of nasty single tracks that are steep, rooted and rocky. Here is where the auto clutch is invaluable, it never stalls in these situations...nor when you brake hard going into a corner. I removed my clutch lever completely and to date haven't seen a need to do the bar mounted rear brake lever. If I'm not mistaken one of the advantages of the Revloc is that you can override with the lever. If you don't ride in tough terrain...it's probably not worth the investment. If you do...it's worth it's weight in gold.

Since installing my clutch...I have never stalled my bike!!


I went with the revloc.

Easy swap install and you dont have to add gasket/spacers.

Pro's never stall, save energy,

Con's: Cant bulldog downhill with

the bike in gear using the clutch like a brake.

Engine braking is fine just blip the throttle to engage the clutch.

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