What and Where to get a good full skid plate?

I am looking at getting a full skid plate for my 02WR426. Who has the best one for the best price? I am gonna ride the Brown Mtn. ORV trail in a couple of weeks and I hear it is pretty rocky. So I don't want to take any chances. I have the stock skid plates, but I don't feel that it is enough.


This question is asked all the time.There are a bunch of good ones out their. I like Flatlandracing.com. It is $74.95 and bolts on with stock hardwear. :)

When you say stock hardware, does that mean the stock skid plate and other guards that already come on it? If that is correct is there any other ones that bolt on over the stock guards? What about the Utah Cycles one? Does it bolt on over these guards?

I've got the BRP skid plate and really like it.

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