New 2011 WR450

When using the JD kit, most people are using pretty close to the same settings. Either stock (45) or 48 pilot, 168 main, JD red or blue needle (depending on your conditions). For So Cal, the red needle is recommended with the clip moved down (richer) one position from the center position, which is the 4th groove. I think I also went with a 50 leak jet, which seemed to help the off idle hesitation I was getting. Bike runs very strong with this set up, but of course the pea shooter has to go as well. I ultimately went to an FMF slip on which helped the bike breathe even better along with a Uni filter.


She rips! buuuttt I cut the throttle stop per the stickie dimensions and had the throttle hang at full in a turn, (wicked powerslide af WFO) no problem just some quick clutch and kill swith action.

Does the YZF stop work in our bikes? since i have to buy another one I would rather get one that is cut to the right length so that does not happen again.

Mine has a yzf stop

cool, anybody know where to order and a part number, local stealership wants waayyy too much

How much are they asking? I'd rather have the proper one then risk it getting stuck wide open by cutting the stock one

I got my yz throttle stop with the AIS delete kit. The hole kit was like $35 or so.

kawi, where did you get the kit?

You can order it from the TT store.

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