2000 yz426 jetting

i rode my bike twice already and i didnt feel the 'yz bog'. i live in israel and ride on sea level and the temp. in the summer are between 25-40 c and in the winter its about 5-20 c. i ride on the us model as i got it from ny and i guess i have the stock jettings. what should i run in this enviroments, summer n winter?

sorry but never dealt with jettings on thumpers. and once again i would like to recieve the parts numbers of the above as the yamaha dealer in israel doesnt sell the yz parts, unless i give him the numbers....

thank u guys u r the greatest and this forum is the best thing after my bike...

If you aren't experiencing the hesitation/bog, then there's nothing to worry about. Evidently, not all '00's had this problem. You have been lucky.

Since warm air is less dense, you might need slightly leaner jetting during the warm months. If you find that the engine tends to blubber on the top-end of the RPM range, try one size leaner on the main jet. A little turn clockwise on the fuel screw might suffice for dialing in the idle and off-idle range.

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