What triple clamps will fits a 2007 WR450f?

I am exploring the idea of getting different triple clamps for the 2007 WR450f. What uppers only will fit from other Yamahas and what upper and lowers will fit from other Yamahas? I searched the threads but could not find anything just addressing the triples and not swapping forks.

That's kind of a trick question. You can make any YZ or WR clamps work from an '05 or newer bike fit but there a few things to be aware of.

The YZ125, 250F, and WR250F have a steering stem that is 10mm shorter than the 250 two stroke and 450. Not a big deal. you can press out the stem and swap them.

In 2006, the all YZ's had triple clamps that spaced the fork tubes 2mm farther apart (wider).

All WR triple clamps from 2005 to 2011 are the same dimensions (except for the stem). The only big difference is the removable bar clamps that were added in '06.

The steering stops on the lower clamp are different for Aluminum farme bikes ('06+ YZ, '07+ WR). You can make these work on the steel frame by grinding off some of the stop. Using the steel frame calmps on an Aluminum frame bike will result in the fork tubes hitting thr tank at full lock.

As far as you wanting to use a different top clamp with your existing bottom clamp, you can only use a top clamp from an '05 or newer WR (250 or 450) or a 2005 (only year) YZ.

You can use '06+ YZ clamps if you use the top AND bottom. The 2mm difference is made up by the front axle sticking out of the right side trunion by 2mm.

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Wow, What a great and detailed answer. Pretty much exactly the info I was looking for. I appreciate it.

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