Someone please help. I installed a Baja Designs road kit on my WR426. I want to install one of those Blue headlight bulbs on it. Dennis Kirk has them in there catalog. As far as I can tell the stator that is in the bike should handle a 50/55 watt bulb. Does anyone know if this wattage is two much for the charging system to handle? What is the wattage output on a stock WR426 stator. I wrote BD with no reply yet. :) I think the bulb would not only look cool on the blue bike, but also work great on the trails at night!




I can't say for sure what your bike will do but I have a 2000 WR400 and , when it runs, it will power a 50/100 bulb. The 2000 stator puts out about 130 watts. I can't imagine the 2001's would put out less.


The stator output on WR's from 2000 and up is approximately 130 watts total. For 1998 and 1999 the output was only rated at 80 watts. Now realize that you have to manage all of your lights (tail-light/brake-light/turn signals) and whatever else you connect to your system, to not consume more than 130 watts or else you will be at a deficit. By deficit I mean that if your load is more than 130 watts, you will actually be draining from your battery while running. This will result in a dead battery that will never charge. Your tail light with brake-light on should consume about 26 watts leaving plenty of juice for a 55 watt headlight. On a final note, the output rating of 130 watts is at 5000 rpm and greater. Below that rpm the output will be lower (hence the dimming of the lights at idle). The only time that you will be at a deficit, even with your 55 watt headlight, will be at idle with your tail-light and brake-light on (and even more if your turn signals are on and blasting your horn at the greenies talking on their cell phones stopped at the green traffic signal :) ). I just put a stock 55 watt headlight on my 2000 WR400 instead of the 35 watt bulb that came with my kit. I also hook up a GPS to my system (with a little extra protection circuit) without a problem. Just to make sure that your battery gets a good charge, don't ride with your headlight on during the day. Hope that helps! :D

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Thanks, that does help! :)


I run the 50/55 headlight on my '00 with BD kit installed. Last night I was cruising at low rpm through a subdivision trying to find someones house for about 15 mins and was using the blinkers a lot. I got back out to the highway put I put my high beam on. By the time I got to the first intersection the signals wouldn't work anymore and the headlight became very dim. I switched to low beam, and kept the revs up for while and was fine. I think as long as you are aware of the limitations and conserve juice when you can, the situation is manageable.

Be carefull, I melted the light on my old "98" model using a 50/55w globe I think the manual recomended a 25/25,MY new "00" uses a stock globe 35/40 (I think) which will be staying there.



"00"WR400,YZ timing, Modified FMP needle,

Modified Acc pump&MAJ.

VORTEX dualcurve ignition

11,800 RPM red line

Staintune s/s exhaust & header...

Somebody stop me !!!

I should mention that the bike is a 2001 WR426. Does this make a differance in the output of the stator? :)


A WR stator for 2000 or newer 400 or 426 models should be ok with the higher output bulb.

One guy posted a message to the board a while back that said Baja Designs wouldn't modify his stator because it was a 2000 and didn't need it.

I believe the stator is the same between 2000 WR400F and 2001 WR400F.

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I use a 55/100 watt bulb with the BD kit on a WR 400 2000. I ride every day and leave the light on low beam each time I ride. I also use the high beam once in a while... seems fine to me. :)

what wattage bulb do you guys recommend for the stock headlight-as bright as possible to be run continuously? the bike is not dual sported and will only have the headlight on and not the taillight. gotta love nite riding!!

The blue bulb you mention works at a higher temperature than a standard halogen. If the light kit has a chromed plastic reflector it may melt. The wattage should not be a problem itself.

Harry, I'm using the stock reflector that came with the WR! Is that what you were talking about?


Mine is plastic, I'm unsure about the US version.

I'm expecting my bulb tomorrow Wensday. I'll let you know , OK.


Well thanks to Dennis Kirk's fast delivery I was able to install the blue Xenon headlight. I have noticied that it does run abit hotter. As a matter of a fact you can put your hand in front of the headlight and feel the heat. Only time will tell if it melts the inner core of the headlight. The plastic seems very thick. We'll see....

Dennis :)

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