Which fork is closest?

Having bent the forks on my 03 WR, Ive found forks from a 98 WR400 and a 02 YZ426 in a local breaker's yard, but which fork is closer to the ones I've bent? Dimension-wise they are the same, but I don't know about the internal valving etc


The wr forks would probably have more similar valving, but the yz would likely have "newer tech" parts. Depends on how you ride.

Faster/race = yz forks

Street/Trail = wr forks

All of the parts from either set of salvage forks will swap with your WR forks. There some small differences though.

What part is bent?

The chrome slider on the brake side. Stanchions are both fine.. I just couldnt quite be bothered to split the fork apart and fit another tube.. but if you reckon part 3 in the below pics is interchangeable between forks (and worth the hassle)...


by stanchion I meant outer tube...

In that case, either one of the salvage forks will work. The '02 YZ will be identical to your '03 WR EXCEPT for the different spring rate and the shim stack on the base will be different. The mid valve might be different too (inside the cartridge).

The '98 WR fork is a little different inside from your '03 fork and the '02 YZ but the stanchion tube will still work.

You can just reuse your old cartridge and base valve in either one of the forks.

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