clutch issue/bike walks.

Just replaced my clutch, basket, inner hub. all new hinson parts. Bike still walks when clutch is pulled in. I have a friction plate in the first and last on clutch pack. steel plates were al same with no markings/angles.

Whats going on ?

Who made the clutch plates, and how long have they been in there?

the clutch basket and full clutch was all from hinson.2006 yz 450 all new parts.

Since you haven't answered the question, I'll assume a certain number of things. If the plates are Hinson, and they are brand new, what is probably necessary is nothing more than just putting an hour's time on the clutch.

There are some things that you could have done to cause the problem. Most obviously, an excess of free play will do this, but I'll guess that isn't it.

It should go without saying that with the plates removed, the clutch boss must rotate freely without dragging against the basket.

If the stack height is too tall, it may be that the amount of lift required at the pressure plate is enough to coil bind the springs, preventing the plate from lifting further. Compare the plate thickness with the OEM specs from the manual. You can usually feel this happening right at the end of the lever travel; the pull gets suddenly stiffer as the lever draws to the grip. Another way to check for this is to put a washer under each of the clutch spring bolts so they cannot compress the springs quite so far. Not necessarily a good way to leave it permanently, but it makes a good test.

Check for any indication that the pressure plate is running against the clutch cover at full lift, too.

check clutch rod and cable maybe it needs adjusting for less walking

grey, you were right bike was running perfect after breaking in the new parts. Gosh i love starting in gear. Now i think its time to replace the cable, a little stretched.

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