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Yo Fellow Thumpers;

Quick question on the chain. I saw a post just a week ago on how many links the stock chain has, answer was 116. Just bought an X-Ring chain, and immediately had the shop break it down to 116 links. My bike is still in the shop (2 weeks now), and haven't had a chance to put it on. I'm hoping I wasn't to hasty on re-sizing my chain. Is 116 links standard no matter what kind of chain you are putting on? Just a quick question.



Depends on the gearing, not the chain. I would hope that all chains have links of the same length otherwise each would need different sprockets.

This just in from the Worthless Post Dept.:

I have no idea how many links I have on my bike, but it is currently 14/47 so it may not apply to you anyway.

[i just put on a new x-ring chain and used 116 links just like stock chain. I did however lower the front sprocket to 13, so I had to adjust a little slack out on my new chain. But what a combination, it rides the trails so much better. I rode in my first Hare scramble last week with that set-up. I do think I will go 2 more teeth on the rear though as it is still not perfect for riding the trails in North Carolina, good luck. Thane.

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