Where to buy 13 tooth front sprocket?

From reading some previous posts on sprocket sizes, I have decided to install a 13 tooth front sprocket on my BRP. This will give me more low end power for tight trail riding as I understand it.

The problem is I cannot find a store that carries a front sprocket with 13 teeth. They have 14 and 15 teeth but not a 13. :)

Where can I pick one of these sprockets up?

Thanks in advance,


They are made by a small outfit in norhtern California-but the name escapes me?!

I got mine from Baja Designs.

Mine's made by Moose.

I think the name of the company Irondude can`t remember is Sprocket Specialists.

got mine from the tucker rocky book thru www.servicehonda.com it is made by afam was like 18.00 also got one from www.dirttricks.com so when i need to replace chain n sprockets they make the ironman sprockets hopre this helps

Try sprocket specialists on the web, ordered front, rear, and chain from them.

Thanks so much! I am excited to try the 13T front sprocket. Thanks for the information as to where to buy one. I will order one right away! :)

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