Heading for Colorado :)

Hey fellow thumpers, I have a 2000 yz 426f and live in texas and will be riding in colorado next week. I'm running a 168 main with a 48 pilot and clip in the middle and was wondering if any of you know what jets i should drop to for best performance at about 5 to 8,000 ft...thanks for your info in advance.

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This is a popular topic lately.

I would say at least a 40 pilot, stock main, clip # 3.

I rode three full days at Rampart Range (a great place to ride, 8k+) and this worked really well in my ‘01:

38 pilot

160 main

EKQ #3 (actually an optional ’00 needle, pretty close to stock)

If you haven’t changed your needle you have an EKR, even leaner than EKQ just off the pilot, this may be even better. When you go back to Texas I think you should try an ’01 needle (EJP) or the optional ’00 EKP I ended up with in my ’00. The stock ’00 needle is too lean off the bottom. Anyway...

I ride all the time at 4k ft and above, hot and dry:

40 pilot

162 main

EJP #3

IMO the pilot and clip pos. are the most important things when changing alt. on the YZ/FCR, but a 168 main just might cause problems. Find the stocker (162), buy a 40 pilot, drop the needle one and that may be all you want.

Hope this helps cowboy.

MXCowboy, when and where are you going? Im leaving next Sat. for Crested Butte for a week.

Norman K.

Beaumont, TX

I'm leaving this Wed. and returning Monday I have a friend that lives in denver and were going to buena vista in think.

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