How to set the float height on an 04 CR250 Mikuni TMX

When messuring the float height do you have the carb upside down or right way up?

I've had fuel leaking and it runs very rich too. I'd like to get it a little better before I get a Keihin.


Ps How do I put up a picture on a post?

i would refer to the service manual. it lists the specs and procedure

Hmm couldn't find it in there (had a womans look). It said 15mm is the height, but didn't show anything on it. Looked in the 02-03 and the 05-07.

Maybe a picture?

The manual for my 2001 is vague as well. I read it as- You want to orientate it so the float valve is closed. In your hand/on the work bench this would be upside down from how it sits in the bike. Then measure vertically up from the mating face of the float bowl to highest point on the float (in line with the main jet). Someone correct me if I read it wrong...

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Started playing around then figured out whats going on. I recon your right, flipping it seems to be the go, thanks.

Small ajustments of the tang equals 1mm or 2mm easily, even when I don't think so, I've just found out. Still dialing it in, but hopefully it goes well tomorrow. The jetting is random bits between the 03'+ and the 05' from what I've read in the manuals so only time will tell (maybe it's a secrect recipe). Just got the bike recently so still fixing it all up.

Thanks for your help Cleetis.

Do not adjust the float level with the carb randomly upside down!

The float needle must just make contact with the seat without weight of the floats compressing the plunger.

You will end up holding it closer to sideways

Thanks for the tips, I'll get it back out and check it out. It ran better yesterday, but I think I want a PWK in there.

Let me note that the tang needs to be under the wire on the needle valve or you wont get any fuel. Which is something I now know. Also the Suzuki RGV250 coils are exactly the same which I now know to.


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