wieghty subject

I am curious. What does the 450 starter weigh. Anyone know. Have been panning to remove mine and plug the hole this winter when I tear down for maintainence and have time to scrounge around for just the right size plug. I wieghed the battery and headlight together and it was 5.1 pounds. Needless to say they got put on the shelf. This bike starts as easy as any two stroke and I dont ride at night so I figure why tote it around. If my starter and battery had been worth a crap I would have never known how light this bike might feel. Now if I can just scrounge up the coin for some light weight sprokets and exhaust system.

What ever you do, dont remove the coolant overflow reservior.

Why not???? :)

Din you be habin no place to put yo pimp juice...


Just remember that light weight sprockets don't last long on your bike.

You seem to be very concern by weigh, just curious what is your body fat % ?

It's cheaper to loose weight than adding expensive light weight equipement. As a bonus you will probably get in better shape as you get lighter and faster :D.

Personnally, I'd go with light weigh equipement as I don't have the will to force myself into a 18oo calories a day diet. :):D

You are absolutely right Sylvain about the sprockets and I doubt I will put them on unless there is a pretty good weight difference. Now about my body fat. Gettin a litle personal aintcha? :):D :D Here's the deal. This is mostly psychological to me. I am in a tight points race in my enduro district. Battleing to maintain 4th place in the 50 and over class. I have to race against some really tough scrawny fast and mostly smooth old guys and I am 6'3.5" and 235 lbs.. Physics (and talent) are against me. I am doing everything I can to get a leg up on these guys and I am down to mental advantages as a last resort.

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