ticking in motor

I have a 99 yzf400 and broke some teeth off of 4th gear. So I split the cases and replaced the gears and one of the shift forks. After I put the motor back together it has this loud "ticking sound" in the lower end of the motor. It sounds like it is coming from the clutch basket but I changed that also. If you put the motor in a bind, like let out on the cluthch with the brake on, the sound goes away. The bike runs great and I have been riding it for about 6 months with the sound and it hasn't got any worse or better. In that time we split the cases again and changed the crank bearings, the water pump & oil pump. Lukily I work at a motorcycle shop so I wasn't charged any labor. If anyone has any idea please let me know.

WFO - check out my string on ticking sound - I'll see if I can find it real quick and put it back at the top of the list.


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