tank graphics installation

what is the best way to install tank graphics so they will stay on????? I know somebody has a good method to keep these baby's on........thanks

I cleaned the tank with contact cleaner and then used windex to allow the graphics to slide around for placement. Then I used a chaepo bondo spreader from Auto Zone to get all the bubbles out and let them sit for a week before filling the tank with gas or riding the bike.

They've been on for a couple of months now and look great :)



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A WEEK, I don't know if I can wait a week to ride, I may have to wait until winter or my wife grounds me...haha..thanks for the tip

I just clean the area and put them on. They will allways start to come off no matter how carefull you are putting them on. I use a 3m contact adheisive spray when they start to come off and just a little works. The last time mine started to come off was about six months ago. A little squirt and they been fine since.

I agree with Bill, especially on waiting a least a couple days after installing to gas/ride. Also surface prep is the most important thing in getting them to last.

Keep in mind that all graphics will start to come loose and bubble up eventually. Just clean and reglue the edges that come loose.

I always drain the gas and vent the tube straight up or remove the cap and cover the hole with one of those nylon hose footies I steal from my wife.

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