KX2fitty main bearings...nearly impossible.

I went to my local bearing supplier. Turns out, the bearings I need for the mains aren't even available through them. She called everywhere. So I had to see for myself. I searched NTN. Koyo & Timkins websites. Nothing of those measurements were available. So I had to order a set of AllBalls. Granted, I pay cost through a shop, but last time, they were only $12 each for NTNs.

the size is d=28mm, D=58mm, W=18.

Ughhh, this sux. I guess AllBalls has capitalized the market.

i have heard allballs mains aren't that good.Lets us know what brand you get from them.

I have the ntn part# around here somewhere you want me try finding it for you?

All balls claims to use Koyo or 1 other brand. I can't remember the name but they are good. I have a koyo,a KML and an NTN bearing with the #'s on them. But the NTN # can't be found anywhere online. The KML is supposed to be a cheapr chinese brand but I'll admit, they're tough. They lasted the 200+hrs and if it weren't for a piece of the piston that hurt one, I'd probably reuse them.

Here's the NTN # I have that came out of it from factory. TM-SC06C50. If you guys have another NTN #, I'd appreciate it.

Also, had to get swingarm bearings. IMPORTANT NEWS.....Pivot works offers a lifetime warranty as of 1-1-2012. Keep you receipt and if the bearing ever fail, they'll replace them. Once! See their website for more info.

IMPORTANT NEWS.....Pivot works offers a lifetime warranty as of 1-1-2012. Keep you receipt and if the bearing ever fail, they'll replace them. Once! See their website for more info.

Thats a good deal!! :bonk:

ntn bearings came with my wiseco kit so they should be available to buy.

did you cross reference with SKF?

skf doesnt show anything for 28/58/18. neither does ntn. that dont meen they dont make it thought. could be special made for kawasaki. ktm has done that before. skf was special making some for ktm that werent listed on the site and none of the skf workers knew any info about the bearing but i was holding it in my hand. i would of just bought the oem from kawasaki if i were you. extra $40 now could save you $500 later if that cheap allballs ever comes apart

this is what happens if your cheap allballs comes apart. replacement roller bearing on the right is skf but it aint listed on their site and none of their employees will aknowledge they make it because its special made for ktm. havent figured out why its top secret but i made quit a few phone calls and didnt get anywhere


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I have a TM-SC06C50 in my hand and your numbers are off I'm getting a OD of 72mm........

I just google the part# and got a few hits on it

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BTW - many times the seals (i.e. rear linkage) is the hard thing to find. The money you save on bearings you pay for OEM seals, better off with aftermarket kit, winds up costing about the same but you save on shipping.

Well, got in my parts today. The AllBalls bearing kit came with the KML bearings. That is what I had in it from the last build. I called my local bearing supply and talked to the lady again and she put me on with a guy there that knows everything about bearings. He said the KML's are actually very good bearings, even though they're made in mainland China. he researched the size and said that Timkin, NTN & Koyo discontinued that size. If any are found, they are "leftovers".

I know the KML's that I took out were heavy and solid. Hopefully these will last as long as the last set.

if theyre discontinued that presents a interesting question. im assuming koyo was original equipment, what will you get if you ordered oem ? or maybe theyre discontinued through kwasaki also. microfishes ive looked at dont say anything about discontinued but theyre not always up to current date either or theres still some in kawi wharehouses

SAPPERS what year is your motor, I don't remember, getting old you know. Wondering if it is 01 an older or 02 and newer.


Not sure about that, but I asked the guy about the possibility of running ceramic bearings. Chokey had mentioned something about this awhile back.

The guy said it would probably be great for a pro race motor that would get rebuilt or extensivley gone through after every race, but the longevity of them would not be feasible for long term durability. They provide 60% less friction & alot less heat. But he couldn't find any of those in our size. But he said that's not to say they aren't made. He also said a ceramic bearing that size would probably be over $100 each. SO then, that made my heart miss a beat and be happy with the China stuff. That's when the statement in my sig. crossed the line. :bonk:

i think that bearing guy was spot on. ceramics need regular inspection or replacement and longevity is probly very short. dude on another site showed what happen with his after a short time. i think it was only a few months if even that long but they shattered.

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It's an 05, the 125 is an 03.


What, exactly, are you looking to do? You can find bearings that size - OEM, Wiseco, Prox, etc. Don't think I'd trust a no-name brand for a crank bearing.

Same size used in Acura transmission and XR250 cranks......

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These KML bearings is what came in the AllBalls package. I did find that the old XR250's used this same bearing. I was just asaying that this particular size is getting scarce.

Yes, you can google that size, but then if you click on it and see, there's usually nothing there or not available.

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