Searching for WFO

WFO - ticking at left side of engine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is actually louder on the clutch side.


WFO - I hear you. But don't be fooled - a noise within seemingly can be localized, but actually resonating from elsewhere. What??????

All I'm saying is that the noise can possibly be transfering across a shaft or like. Mine is very loud on the sprocket side, but I haven't had the engine apart to check it out yet. This may be a case where we have a similar mechanical situation, but with a different shifter fork or other component.

Please - keep us apprised on what you find.

BTW - where are you located? - I'm near Cincy.


Hey all! I just had to chime in that my engine is making the same noise-seemingly on the sprocket side of things. I broke my rear hub and I think it damaged one of my gears. Right now the engine is out and in a shop so hopefully when they replace the damaged gear it will fix the ticking sound. I noticed also that the sound went away when the bike was under load like being in gear. Im interested to see what comes of this.

:) Joe

Mine was piston / ring slap. Maybe check out your top end?

Guys, be sure to check your counter balance gear key. Do a search for CB gear.

When I split the cases I put new rings on the piston and I also changed the CB gear but I guess I will check out the balancer gear key.

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