wr426 vs. yz426

I'm looking at a large bore for timed enduros. I'm getting conflicting information from the dealerships. What do you know about the differences between the wr426 and the yz426? Pros & Cons? Any information would help from guys who have experience with both!!! Thanks in advance for your help!

You will be better off starting with the WR for enduros. It has transmission ratios suited for trails and suspension valved for off road. It may need alot of mods but so will the YZ.

WR mods you might consider are;

Do all the basic mods, airbox, throttle stop etc..

Cut the gray wire, do a search on WR board for explanation.

Changing the seat and tank so you can get more forward in turns.

Replace the stock muffler with a lighter one.

Remove as much unneeded items a you can, taillight/rear fender, headlight, odometer, radiator overflow, kickstand.

The YZ will require a flywheel weight, gearing change, maybe a bigger tank, spark arrestor, possibly a WR radiator overflow bottle and mods for lights if required by the promoters.

I modifyed my '98 YZ400 to ride trails/enduros and it worked great.

I bought an '00 WR 400 and tried to moto/trailride it and it didn't work on the motocross track at all.

I now have an '00 YZ 426 that I moto and only occasionaly trailride. It is a brute on any technical trails! :)

Hope this helps you out.

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I think just the opposite of the other guy.

I race my bike in everything from moto x to enduros, and the only thing I need to do is change the tank for Cross Country/Hare Scrambles races. The enduros here in Texas have gas stops at least every 25 miles so I don't need the tank for that. A lot of my buddies do the flywheel thing, but I prefer the hit. I do bump the idle up to help with stalling and would put screen wire over the stock exhaust for the Spark Arrestor?


F-pilot is right on track with what needs to be done to both bikes. Good advice F-pilot.One other consideration would be yz timing for the wr. I have the yz which I use for singletrack out here. I have it completely set up for off road but I sure would like the wide ratio tranny and the stator that the wr comes with. Take it easy! Jeff

FPilot ~ I think you need to sell motorcycles for a living! I learned more from you in one message than I did from the dealership in 45 minutes! I really appreciate the input. I am pretty sure that the WR is for me but I want to do a little more comparison against the DRZ400.

Again, thanks for the quality information. This forum is nothing less than fantastic!

F-pilot, why didn't you like your wr for motocross? Suspension, power, or something else?

Got my original ID woking again since the crash.

Jeff, thanks!

Sutton, glad I could help you out. I agree, this forum is great!

Husa, Mostly the suspension was too soft and also the motor didn't have the hit necessary for clearing jumps out of corners.

Since I still had my '98 YZ 400 I had put the YZ tank/seat and muffler on and removed the odo and lights and sidestand. I also tried raising the fork oil to 100mm.

The suspension and motor could easily be modified and if I rode more trails I probably would have kept it.


'00 YZ426F


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