Dented header....any fix?

I have a golfball sized dent in my 08 stock header pipe. Any way to fix it? heat? ice? Looking for options, or worst case a used stock header pipe. Thanks for any insight.

you could try filling it with water and freezing it, it never worked for me but some people have had great luck. and i also herd of poeple opening there freezer door and finding a pipe that was split open. but at this point why not try the free thing first?

I have had some luck with the freezer and water. I dented my header on my 250f and fixed it that way a few times. Worked great for me.

well i searched the interweb, and tried freezing it twice....overnight each change.....bummer

the common missing step to this method is, freeze it over night as posted. Now run hot tap water over the damaged section taking care not to melt the frozen ends for a few minutes. You should be able to hear a little water sloshing if you tip the pipe side to side. Now, you put the pipe back into the freezer over night. Works like a charm on the factory seamless titanium pipes. Word of caution, DO NOT do this method to pipes with any welds on the pipe (FMF Megabomb, Powerbomb). Believe me, the expanding water will find the weakest link and push there.. unfortunately that means the welds will be the first to be attacked/split, not the dent.

Here's the proof it works;





And here's the proof you don't do this method to a Ti Megabomb header:


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Whats the best way to plug the ends of the pipe?

that's what the first night freeze is for... the water will make a natural plug once it freezes. Then by melting the centre, will make any expansion go towards the inside vs going outwards.

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