Installing Acerbis hand guards

Newbie questions.

Anyone know where to find detailed instructions on this install? Searched the archives under "acerbis" and more and didn't find what I needed. I do recall seeing a website for a guy from Oregon a few months ago who DETAILED the install, but can't find it now. I know, read the instructions, but you know how that usually goes.

#2: I bought the regular all plastic guards instead of the ones with the metal bar/plastic. Is this a mistake? I was afraid that my big meathooks would get squished somethin' fierce when the metal hit a solid object....comments?


Marbee in SunDog :)

Easy. If you are running standard bars (Fat bars require a seperate fitting kit) then cut the end of the grips and slip the bar ebd plugs in and tighteb up. Mount the bar brackets and tighten up once all is lined up. I have the plastic ones and they will stand up to most abuse no problems. :)

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