03 wr with yz front # plate pictures

i just got the rear fender on and its looking pretty sweet, now im going to do the front number plate once they get it in, does any one have any pics of their wr450 with the yz front number plate ? thanks in advance guys :D:)

It's an 02!


I haven't got pictures on hand, but it looks just like the YZ450, except the FRT. brake hose is longer.

You'll have to figure out a way to mount the ignition switch somewhere else as it'll be in the way of the plate, and I had to modify the wiring harness braket thats behind your headlight so the # plate will fit right.

Come to think of it I used a renthal top triple clamp for my fat bars and it was a good thing because the top tab of the # plate did not line up with the braket on the stock top triple clamp.The renthal clamp was trick cause it had a spare braket to allow different positions to mount my plate alignment, and I used a spare hole to attatch the modified wire harness braket.

Good luck. It will not be a straight :) bolt on but you'll be able to make it work with some engineering or cash .

Check it out before you get started so you'll have all the parts you need. :D

got it all done guys thanks :D i took out the wiring harness and tie them all in a row with electrical tape and just left it there and i still have to fix the ignition switch and i used a zip ty until i get a new clamp, and it can bolt on, the rear fender also went on like butter after i cut the holes for the coolant resevoir :D:) thanks again

Here is a picture of my YZF450 with Cycra vented # plate.


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