so much noise


my xr650r makes so much noise from the engine.

clunking,clicking,ticking and tocking

is this normal - i have only just done a 1000 km's

thanks for replying if you do.

cheers :)


Yeah-the bike does make some funny ticking tocking ring-a-linging and some occasional pop poping. However-you mention 'clunking' - in general clunking is not goood. :D

Make sure your chain is correctly tightened, and for gods sake, change the oil on your new bike- with 1000kms you should be ready for your third oil change. Make sure you are not overheating it-a source of clunking sounds for sure....make sure you have changed the filter and both screens.

Adding a skidplate will really turn up the symphony of snarl, and you may start hearing the ghostly voices of XR's past :) coming out when you exit corners or do stoppies, etc.


thanks dude

"good to hear" that the bikes do make a noise

i think i exaggerated a bit regarding clunking.

i'm gonna change my oil right now :)

over and out

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