Anyone know the top speed of each gear?

Wondering which each gear red lines at on a wr450 2006. Stock gearing.

I think I have seen a gearing post from you every page of this forum haha.. just run 16/48 and a rekluse. or 16/50 if you dont mind a longer chain

My gearing is fine, I just want to know each gear so I know when to shift with no rpm gauge

According to gearing commander my bike maxes out at 124... Everyone else says they do about 150 with 14/50 stock

My gearing is fine, I just want to know each gear so I know when to shift with no rpm gauge

You shift where ever you choose, depending you what you are trying to acomplish. If you want traction, you have to shift earlier than if you want peak hP. Depending on the state of tune of your bike, jetting, pipe, altitude, it will vary.

You should be shifting before the peak power starts to fall off. You can easily feel that with the seat of your pants.

If you are going fast, there is NO WAY you can read a speedo to tell you when to shift.

Ok, what speed is the peak power for each gear then?

1st gear = wow

2nd gear = holy zhit

3rd gear = what was that?

4th gear = good lord, keep me upright

5th gear = i see the face of God!

anymore questions?

Ya, which speed is each of those phrases ? Lol

I always have shifted based on vibration. If its annoying me and I can upshift, then I do it.

Any sort of exact number you keep asking for is just simply not possible; it varies based on terrain, your hurry, your gearing, what you are trying to do, how quickly you want the next gear, etc. Just shift when it feels right as long as you are not lugging the engine.

You'll learn what is right after a while.


who cares. go ride your bike.

Ok, what speed is the peak power for each gear then?

I don't think you understand.

Peak power in each gear will change from bike to bike, with changes gearing, traction, incline, humidity, tuning, etc etc.

You need to be able to shift at different times, for different reasons. Sometimes you short shift for more traction (or when you are too tired to hold on tightly). Sometimes you rev past the shift point, cause you are coming to a hill, and there is no point in shifting up and then back down. Etc.

You do it by 'feel'.

If anything, you would want to know RPMS, NOT MPH for you shift points. But even that is a waste of time.

Like I said before, you manual has those 'shift point's listed in the first section.

Like I said before, you can't possibly look down at the speedometer and make gear selection choices.

You need to watch what you are doing.

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I'm talking about for On the street , I can get full traction fine

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