Bending Bars

So I just got a nice used 05 450, took a little spill this week and it seems that i bent my bars just a little bit to the left. Left side normal, right side seems a little forward. Is there any way to bend them back? Best method? or should I just go ahead and buy new ones. It just seems like a few degrees so I hope there is a way to avoid the $80 replacements? Thanks,

I'm sure you could bend them back using a cheater pipe or something, but if they are bent enough to be noticeable then bending them back is going to make them weaker... at least in my mind.

If you do end up replacing them, I'd go with a Pro Taper bar. I've been running them for about 8 years now and have nothing bad to say at all. Original Pro Taper Henry bend on my old 00 and Contour Windham bend on my 06.

The question is whether you actually bent the bars, or did you simply twist the forks in the clamps?

Loosen either the upper or the lower triple clamp pinch bolts (not the upper and lower, just one or the other) and see if the front end returns to straight. Look for the front wheel to be at a 90 degree angle to the top clamp.

Hi, i just straightened my 11 front end after a hard landing with good results

The bars were not bent but the forks must have rotated in the clamps, steering was way off.

It was a little mucking around but didn't take long

Bike up on stand.

I taped a piece of straight pine (about handle bar width or wider) to the fork legs across (parallel to the handle bars) just above the front wheel and sitting on the seal housing taper part of the outer tube (so you know its parallel up and down with the handle bars).

By standing on the bike pegs and sighting down off the end of the bars to the pine you will see how skewed and how far out it is, mine was a good 10mm difference.

What i found is that i had to back off all of the pinch bolts and remove the handlebar clamps and bars just to loosen the top head stem nut and then use a bit of strong pine or other soft timber to lever the forks against the steering lock stop to the side they needed to go.

Use a straight edge or similar straight piece of timber and place it against your triple clamps (top of the fork tubes) to recheck and sight down until you have them parallel.

Re torque clamps first then the head stem nut, replace bars and check if they are bent by the same method.

Hope this helps, cheers, Chris.

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