Looking for a good tire

That is the tire I'm using now, and I like it so far. It hooks up just as well as other tires I have used, and better in turns, and on off camber trails.

Maxxis IT or Desert IT on rear...great wearing tire.

Pierelli Scorpion on front.

Drive highways to trail and back.. Don't believe their DOT approved ..but where I am..cops couldn't care less about dirt bikes (lucky us!!).

Anymore opinions on a front tire to go with the m43?

Second the Maxxis Desert IT.

What's similar to a mt43? I can't find them in stock ...

I asked them and they won't ship a tire to Canada.

I asked him and they won't ship to Canada either :/

For the Pirelli MT43 have you tried Rocky Mountain ATV. They show them in stock and their website says they chip to Canada. Them, and the TT Store are my two favorite vendors. Rocky Mountain usually has good prices, they ship fast, and have excellent customer service. It looks like TT doesn't stock this tire...

I'm not sure why but these places won't ship a tire to Canada. I bought my street kit from rocky. Guess I'll wait for it to come in stock?

Do I want a soft, mid , mid hard, or hard front tire?

MX71 Dunlop 90/100 for summer

MX71 Dunlop 90/100 for summer

Thank, can you pm me from before?

What size should I get for the desert it? I have the stock 18 inch rear and 21 front rims


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