YZF450 is Green Sticker and WR450 is RED!

Can someone explain why the YZF450 Quad is a Green Sticker ORV and the WR450 bike is RED? This makes no sense to me...

Green Sticker, Red sticker it all makes no sense to me they are just motorcycles! It is all bull! Who started this stuff anyway and whom are they trying to protect? :):D :D

Because Grey Davis rides a YFZ 450.

dont quote me on this because im not sure.

usalay the quads get a green sticker in the USA because they have CV carbs stock {so you can ride in crazy angles with out the unit sputtering. cv carb= less emmissions= grenn sticker in the us.

I was looking on the CARB website one time and I read that in order to get a green sticker, a manufacturer had to certify that a bike meets emission standards AND he must certify that it will meet those standards for 5 years after sale. Additionally, if the vehicle falls out of standard, the manufacturer must fix the vehicle at no cost to the consumer.

I guess that Yamaha is more willing to stand behind the quads than the bikes.


Because Grey Davis rides a YFZ 450.

Yeah, but what does Arnold ride???

Because Grey Davis rides a YFZ 450.

Yeah, but what does Arnold ride???

arnold actually has a ktm duke, believe it or not :)

According to Dirt Bike (October I think), the YFZ is even less corked up than the WR is. Difficult to understand why the quad would be green and not the WR :).

The quad has a baffled crankcase vent that is directed into the intake steam, and I am sure there is a few other small details.

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