2001 WR426 problem

Finally decided to dig my bike out of storage and get back to riding again. It's been started a couple of times over the last 3+ years, but never riden. Well it started, but wouldn't idle with out the cold start knob pulled. I drained the old gas and it still did the same thing. So I took the carb off and took it apart and cleaned all of the buildup from the float bowl and everything else. Put it back ogether and it now is dumping fuel out like the float is stuck? after tapping on the float bowl it stopped, but not 100%. It was suggested that I replace the needle and seat? Does this sound right? Any other ideas? Thanks

You may want to give it 24 hours to see if the new fuel will swell the old rubber back into working again. It happens. Otherwise, it could either be the needle/seat itself, or the O-ring that seals it to the carb body.

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