R6/R1 wheels on a WR450?

Some where I saw a picture of a WR 450 and the guy put Yamaha R6 or R1 wheels on it for street use. Has anyone out there done this? Or can it not be done? I thought it looked great and to use my WR as a daily ride would save me huge on gas this summer. I would still keep my off road wheels and tires to swap when I want to hit the dirt. Let me know. Thanks

With how much maintenance they need you probably won't save anything over driving a car. That's how I calculated it anyways

I tried my 2003 R1 wheels last summer. I had the same idea than you.

Front wheel does fit in there. You then need a shit load of time to built the right spacers (it is harder than you think). Forget about the two brake rotors. So fitting the wheel in there is do-able but its going to be a little bit of a nightmare to do.

Rear wheel, just forget about it...

Just my opinion here so feel free to listen to other people...

You should go with the cheap Warp9. Plug and play...

Hope that help mate...

Thanks for the insight, but what the heck is warp9?

Warp9 makes wheels...google them. Good wheels and they are less expensive than the Excel wheels. He was saying get a set of Warp9 sumo wheels and they will bolt right up.

I made a set of GS500 wheels fit my DRZ400 a few years ago. It definitely wasn't just plug and play--bearings had to be researched and swapped, spacers manufactured, brake caliper relocation bracket designed and built, etc. R6 or R1 rear wheels are probably too wide.

Unless you can do some basic machining and get the wheels cheap, it would be a better deal to just buy a set of rims. Have you considered an extra set of standard rims with street tires on them? I have done that on a few dirt bikes and it's pretty fun. Much cheaper than supermoto, especially if you're commuting most of the time. Still good for riding the twisties on the weekend too.

Here's a great site that has cast SuMo wheel info & some spacer parts for sale. http://motard-supermoto-wheels.sportsontheweb.net/wr450-wr450f-cast-wheels-supermoto.htm

I haven't been able to find the Honda 250cc wheels on ebay, but the info is helpful. I'm still researching, but the front wheel seems pretty simple using CBR wheels if they are under 4" wide and "maybe" the rear if 4.5" or less wide. I don't know where to get the specs for the hub dimensions for the various years & models....yet.

Anybody have a link to that info?

I'm hoping to get a SuMo wheel setup for under $500, including tires. Looks "do-able" if I can get the wheels & drive hub cheap enough. I'd like to use my stock calipers, but may not be strong enough. We'll see.

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