CRF150 Power-up from Honda....

What do I ask for to get this kit? I asked at the local dealer (BOZO!!) and they had never heard of it. I had the p/n's for the main jet and the needle, but not for the bushing I've read about that needs to be replaced. They said they could special order the parts if I had the numbers. Is there a p/n for the kit or a bullitin that gives the information I need?



I would do a search through the mini XR forum, we had that discussion quite a bit. I'm sure someone posted the P/N's.

Been there, done that. All I came up with was the part numbers for the needle and main jet. I did find a reference you made to some dyno testing that you did using the stock needle and the "NOZZLE" that came with the power-up kit. What is the nozzle?

Does this kit have a part number? I've read several references to a "bullitin", does it have a reference number on it that I could refer to with my local dealer?

Also, I read where somebody was trying to remove the vaccum contraption on top of the carb. Has anybody done this? Is it an emissions deal or something important?



The nozzle is the long thing the main jet screws into.

Does a new one come with the power-up kit? That's my question that I can't find the answer to. What comes in the "kit"? Does the "kit" have a part number of it's own? All I have right now is the number for the main jet and the needle. Any and all enlightenment would be appreciated!!


16012-KPT-921, CRF150F Full Power Needle

It includes 4 pieces: Needle, brass 'bushing', E-clip, spring that holds the needle assembly in the slide.

This bushing is different than the nozzle. You retain the stock nozzle, just replace the bushing. You remove the main/nozzle from the bottom of the carb. If you look down the throat of the carb, the bushing will still be at the base of where the needle passes through down to the main. Remove the slide/needle and push out the bushing. Replace that bushing with the new one. Be careful. I got too aggresive with my first one and ovalized it. It should be an easy but firm fit. Reinstall the nozzle/main and the rest of the parts.

That, an assortment of mains and a 42 pilot and you should be set.



Good info!! Just what I needed to hear!!

Thank You very much!


Best setup for the CRF150 (staying stock and low $$) has been 115 main and 42 pilot, Uni air filter and opening up the air box, removing baffle out of spark arrester and bending back the baffles inside the muffler. If you know how to advance the timing four degrees, that makes a big difference.

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