yz450 clutch

Why is it that I have to keep ajusting my clutch cable so I can disengage it? If I get stuck and try to take off and stall the bike a few times the clutch no longer disengages unless I tighten the cable more. Ive had to adjust it 3 times now.

This seems to be the opposite of haveing a clutch wear out.

Edited by Christopher McClelland

maybe you need a new cable

new cable? they do stretch a bit, plus the hotter your engine is the more your plates expand, sometimes thats how you can tell if youre over heating, my cylinder pressure leaked into my coolant and peed it all out in a scramble on sunday, i noticed my clutch quit working as the engine got real hot, then the radiators went cold so i stopped

I dont think its a cable issue. I think it is an overheating the clutch plates issue. Like warped clutch plates

I ordered a Magura Hydrolic setup so that should take care of having to adjust the stupid thing.

The stock clutch is probably in there and there made of alloy. They make aftermarket steel plates that apparently dont warp

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