8" TrailTech mesh grille

TrailTechEdgelights010.jpgI think I finally got it, thanks mehoff for all the help. So, I've been a member for several years and can't say enough about how cool this forum is and it's members. Everyone is so helpful and full of valuable information. I recently got a new light and searched for a cover solution and saw a couple that were very creative, but not quite what I wanted so I decided to try something different. I'm not a welder so I had to make 3 different jigs on our CNC router at work to accomplish this. 1st. I made a circle to bend the 1/4" steel rod, 2nd. routed slots for the tabs to lay in so the ring could be placed over the top and welded, 3rd. I cut 1-1/2" wood blocks that I screwed to a piece of plywood that landed to the outside of the circle and exactly where the tabs were. Placed the ring/tab unit on top with tabs up. Next I drilled a hole directly in the middle, placed my 12"x12" wire mesh piece over the top and placed a rounded piece of wood with a hole in the middle over that. Inserted a screw thru the wood, thru the mesh, and into the hole drilled in the plywood base. As I screwed down it drew the mesh with it and I could periodically look to see how much bulge I was getting. Once happy with that, took back to welder. Snipped off excess, did a little grinding and spray painted 2 coats of primer and 3 coats of "Bumper Chrome" paint. Not sure if this interests anyone, but it was a fun project and was pretty easy. Total cost was $75. If you knew how to weld it would only be about $15.

Again, thanks to all for such an interesting and fun forum.......................


That came out nice! I keep going back and forth on getting that light...

Nice looking bike!!!

Sweet ride! What part of Oregon you in? 2 weeks ago I was in the Bend area visiting family and doing some riding in the Millican Valley. Good times :bonk:

Thanks for the great comments, like I said, it was one of the more fun things I've tackled on that bike. Yes, I live in Bend and there are a lot of places to ride here. Can't imagine not having those choices.................



Wayne TrailTechEdgelights002.jpg [/img]testing

You have really made a great looking DRZ! Very light and functional looking, not to mention the excellent graphics!

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