Switching from a 1.1 to 1.6 rad cap.

Hey guys, I have been thinking of getting an Outlaw 1.6 bar rad cap for riding on really hot days as a precaution. I rarely ever get any coolant to boil out as I have oversized radiators, and run good coolant with water wetter. I understand how the higher pressure cap works etc, but was wondering if this would in any way damage my bike? I know Honda recommends nothing more than a 1.4 in their specs. Anyone know what Yamahas max is? Bike is a 2008 YZ450. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hello, anybody?! Grey?

1.6 bar is just over 23 PSI. There's nothing in the engine that would be "damaged" by that, but you'd better be sure your hoses and radiators are up to it. You don't want to be around any airborne streams of 280 degree coolant. The caps work, but they do increase the load on sealing devices of all kinds.

Alternatives are cooling fans, catch/recovery cans, or as a last resort, some of the extreme high boil point coolants.

Cool, thanks grey. I'll do a once over on all my hoses etc. to make sure that everything is good. I was going to try using engine ice coolant, or the Prestone Low Tox stuff as well to see if that helps. Like I said, I don't usually lose any coolant, but I just want the cap as a precaution just in case. I sometimes ride with a group of friends, and they bring their children, and it tends to slow the group down. Just don't want to lose coolant on those really hot days. Thanks again.

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