06 YZ450F Leaking coolant?

well i just picked up a 06 yz450f. It actually a bike i used to own previously and this owner has only had it for a short while. still looks the exact same as when i gave it to him think he only rode it twice. Well i noticed today when i opened the radiator cap it was a little low on coolant. Well i started looking around for a leak and noticed a little bit of dried blue residue on the front side of the motor on the flange of the metal coolant tube that goes into the head. My question is is there a gasket or anything on that tube or is it a common place for it to leak?

I havent had a chance to really run it around to recheck it b/c i bought it at night and have been busy. But i was wondering if thats a common place to leak and if its fixable with just a gasket, or something like replacing the tube etc.

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There is an O-ring there that can be replaced and it's one of the more common coolant leaks, few as they are, other than the water pump seals. Occasionally, either the tube or the bore it slips into may be damaged.

Being as the bike has been ridden so little and i do not think it has ever been disassembled. I feel as though a gasket is in orde. However, i usually end up on the bad side of luck. I topped it off and ill keep an eye on it to see if it still leaks or if it just happens to be a lil low and that was some sort of cleaner or sumthin

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