400 clutch replacement parts list

im going to be replacing the clutch on my 400 as its never been done, that i know of. and ive had the bike since 2005 or so. the cable is adjusted all the way out and it engages very late when letting it out. plus i just think its time. its never had a problem with the clutch. so what parts in the entire assy would be wise to replace? beseide the obvious plates. i only want OEM. i have no need for anything more and dont want to dump a ton of money into the bike. just want it reliable. any tips are appreciated

The basic essentials, of course, are the friction and plain plates, plus the springs. Once you open the unit up, you can evaluate the rest of the parts. The boss (aka hub) needs to be inspected for excessive grooving along the plate splines, and both the boss and pressure plate wear against a friction plate, so that surface needs to be looked at. The basket/driven gear should be examined for excessive grooving along the fingers, and for any rotational looseness between the basket and the gear assembly, which would indicate collapsed cushioning springs. Also look at the condition of the release bearing that bears against the pressure plate.

awesome thanks. ill inspect it once i get it open. and just for good measure ill be replacing the cable as well. one dumb question, how many plates do i need?

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