Plate Background Removal Tips?

Going from Novice to Am. Need to remove old color for new. The old backgrounds (One Industries) are really stuck on there. Heat and brute force? Or not worth the PITA and just get new plates? Tips, suggestions? Thanks


Heat gun, get enough of a corner to grasp firmly, go slowly. Be prepared to use some sort of glue-off or carb cleaner to get rid of glue residue before putting on new background. Slower is better.

harbor freight heat gun (use the hell outta that damn thing).

You can also use one of those hand held clothes steamers (like $20 at wally world). The steamer trick works for pulling tint off of car windows! pulls all the glue off clean too!

I just use a normal hair dryer, I heat both sides of the plate and pull... then heat and pull... then heat and pull... etc. It's quite easy actually.

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